Our Mission and Logo

Mission Statement: Community Life Support, Inc. mission is to provide multiple approaches that encourage healthy living through education, services and opportunities to grow.

Our purpose is to build community capacity through volunteer opportunities, activities events and services. Community Life Support fulfills its mission and purpose in a unique structure as shown in our logo.

The Meaning of Our Logo

Our logo begins with a circle to demonstrate our unity and commitment  to community. Our name, Community Life Support encircles a center design with the design of the roots, trunk and branches of a tree. Our roots come from the Schaghticoke United Presbyterian Church its history and people. The trunk of our tree is strong and sturdy, with its focus  on the commitment to serve the whole of the community. 

The tree has three interdependent branches:

The Schaghticoke Food Pantry,

The Schaghticoke Community Builders and

Community Health and Wellness. 

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