Food Pantry

Early in 2019 during the winter Federal Government Strike, it came to our attention that there were folks in and around our community who were experiencing ‘food insecurity’. It was a very real challenge for those affected by the strike to provide food for  their families and still meet their living expenses.  The need to have a local pantry had been discussed in the past but this time- thanks to community folks leading the way and Facebook with its power to inform, a volunteer group came together and built from the ground up The Schaghticoke Food Pantry. The Pantry works in tandem with Pittstown and Mechanicville to meet the needs of anyone who is experiencing ‘food insecurity’.  ‘So No One Goes Hungry!’

The Schaghticoke Food Pantry serves Schaghticoke and surrounding areas- opened in April 2019 has served approximately 22 families monthly, providing food and household supplies including infant items and pet food. It is currently supplied 100% by community donations.

Continual Food Pantry Needs:

Canned tuna and chicken,

Canned vegetables and fruit

Canned beans including baked beans and chili

Canned soups and stews

Pancake mix and syrup

Breakfast cereals and oatmeal

Pasta and pasta sauce/canned tomatoes

Canned macaroni and cheese and boxed

Canned potatoes

Toiletry items….shampoo and conditioners (2 in 1preferred), toothpaste and toothbrushes, bar soap , diapers and wipes

Household items….laundry detergent (small bottles preferred), household cleaners

Fresh vegetables are always appreciated and accepted during the harvesting season so if you have extra from your garden you don’t know what to do with please share with your neighbors in need!

Donation Sites:

Chrissys Cravings

Village and Town Halls

Affirmations Hair Salon

Shop and Save

AE Diver Library

Amazon orders can be shipped to 165 Main Street Schaghticoke 12154 as well as Monetary donations


Newer to the Schaghticoke Food Pantry is the Free Little Bookshelf! Children visiting the food pantry (or parents visiting for their family) will be able to browse the book selection and take a book home for each child for free! The books do not need to be returned and can be part of the child’s own library at home. Did you know owning books and having books easily within reach increase children’s desire to read and their confidence about reading?! These wonderful books will come from the community and we are accepting books for children of all ages from board books all the way up to small chapter books! Please note, due to COVID 19 we are currently selecting a few age appropriate books for children and sending them home in a little bag for the children to keep until it is safe to come inside the food pantry and select their own. Contact Michaeline Pashley with any questions or if you’d like to donate new or gently used books to the program.


165 Main St, Schaghticoke, NY 12154

Thanksgiving and Christmas Boxes are assembled each holiday season to help provide a complete meal to community members with food insecurities. If you or someone you know could use assistance at this time please do not hesitate to reach out to the food pantry. If you would like to help fill these boxes with food items for families the following non perishables are commonly needed and would be greatly appreciated…..

Canned veggies, Cranberry sauce, Stuffing mix, Boxed and canned potatos, Cookie and cake mixes, Canned hams, Canned fruit especially applesauce, Canned pumpkin, Pie crust mixes, Gravy, Dessert mixes, Pudding mixes, Biscuit mixes, Canned sweet potato’s, Canned fruit pie filling, Boxed mac and cheese.

Thanksgiving Box Preparation

New Pantry Renovation


What an unbelievable offer we received…..raise $2000 and this amount will be matched. Thanks to our very generous community we easily raised this and more. In December 2019 we met with Zachary Manz owner of Contractor Sales Inc. who presented the Schaghticoke Food Pantry with a check for $2000. What an amazing gift!


We at the Schaghticoke Food Pantry wanted to confirm and share the following information in an effort to let the community know we are doing everything we can do keep us all safe, healthy and fed. For those of you who may be considering visiting the pantry for the first time rest assured the process is an easy non invasive one. You will always be welcome with a smile and we will meet your needs to the best of our ability. Due to the health crisis the pantry has altered its procedures to keep everyone safe. What this means are all volunteers wear gloves and face masks, sanitize the surfaces within the pantry as well as the non perishable food items when they are delivered all while maintaining the 6 foot distance recommendation. For anyone visiting the pantry we ask you ring our doorbell upon arrival. You will be welcomed by one of our volunteers and if you are new paperwork will be completed. Once paperwork is done and any questions are answered you will be asked to wait in your car while your order is processed. Adjustments to this procedure will be made as needed. Food pantry guidelines: All visitors must complete necessary paperwork for a number of reasons….. allows the volunteers to supply you with the amount of food needed to support you and any family members including pets. The info also is used for statistical purposes which will determine the amount of food we are entitled to receive from the Regional food bank on a regular basis. Contact information is important as well in case we are advised of a recall and must notify you. It is recommended all visitors come one time per month and you will receive 3 meals per day for 3 days per family member. If you feel this isn’t meeting your needs you may visit additionally especially during this very challenging time in our society. The pantry has information on a variety of resources available within the community so please let a volunteer know if you need additional assistance and we will do our best to connect you with the right community group, organization etc

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